Ida (Germany)

Ida is a photographer in Vienna.


Ida, do you remember your first camera?

Yes, it was a spinach-green analog Minolta which I got at nine years old. I cannot remember the exact model, but it only had two buttons and was my only camera for about eight years until it died on a hiking trip in New Zealand. Some of the most inspiring moments of my younger years were captured with this little thing.
Is there a photographer whose work inspires you?

I am immensely fascinated by many different styles of photography, so it’s very hard to name one artist. At the moment, I am in love with the works of Sue Bryce and Josephine Cardin.
What would you say is the most fascinating thing about photography?

To make people feel at ease and show their true beauty and personality; and to be able to capture this.
Analog or digital?

Digital, for the easier and cheaper handling, and the quicker processing. Working in a lab and developing my own analog pictures is on my bucket list though.
Do you feel that photography is still sufficiently valued as an art form?

Tough one! It depends on the person you talk to. Many people believe that photography is „easy“ and „not real work“, this has increased with the rise of digital cameras. Many people („Guys With Cameras“) call themselves photographers without any right to that name. But if you talk to someone who understands art, they will most probably not judge photography as a „lesser“ art form.
Ida’s exhibition “Piece of Heaven” showcasing street photography from Beijing is currently on view at Cafe Orient in Vienna.


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